Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas Swap

Finally... i received my gift. Thanks Agnes for taking the initiative to arrange this swap. :)

So sad, I lost the pictures of the sock i made and goodies i prepared for my partners, I can only see the picture after my partner post it up. Here's a picture taken by Kelly .

I miss the Xmas sock :) Feel like sharing the M&M, cos it's yummy and it's xmas limited edition flavour.

Here are pictures of gift I received from my another 2 partners. Steve and Ee.

Snow man sock and necklace from Steve. The necklace is pretty. Thanks Steve.

Handmade card by Ee and Kirei handmade rubber stamp. Love the rubber stamp so much, it's so cute. Thanks Ee.


Agnes Sim said...

Thanks! ;-)

Suyen said...

You are welcome, sorry for taking sooooooo long to post up :)