Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm back!

A picture taken in Jiu Fen (九份)

Good morning friends, I'm back to KL and i'm back to all my unfinish work in office. :(

I would like to apologize that i have not finish unpack my luggage, therefor the lucky winner for the Packing Game will be announced on 2 April, together with a picture of the goody bag. :) Don't worry, i promise it will be a 'full of surprise' goody bag.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sewing lesson 3 - Inner pouch inspired by Mer Mer

Yea, my 3rd sewing piece, inspired by Mer Mer. I bought the 'Gloom Comes Brightness' bag from MerMer for my my sis, Sujean. There is a removable inner part compartment pouch for the bag, and this inspired me to do 1, so I can keep my camera into the pouch and then put it into my handbag, and it function as a protection for my camera too! Yea, all camera bag selling out there are awfull, except for the Crumpler 5 Million Dollar camera bag, but it is always no stock in KLCC branch :(

Oh yea, special thanks to bebe, he helped me to tread in the ribbon. I've no patient to do that! :p

Monday, March 15, 2010


I love traveling, but i hate packing and unpacking!

I'm packing for my Taiwan vacation now, and i'm having hard time choosing the proper cloths, jacket, bag and shoes! Weather in Taiwan is bad, will be showering for the whole week when I'm there, maybe I need to get a rain boot there... Finally i decided on the cloths that i'm packing up, but still undecide for the jacket, bag and shoes!

Let's play a game, and you might win a bag of goody from Taiwan which will be selected and hand pick from me! (Since it's my shopping trip, I might bring back the whole Taiwan!)


Step 1: Follow my blog.

Step 2: I need your help to pick which jacket, bag and shoes to wear / to use during my Taiwan trip, and why you pick that. Only 1 answer for each category, because I do not want to bring both of the jackets, bags and shoes, so this is why i need your help to pick for me :) I will also include a picture of the clothing that i'm packing to the trip, so that will be easier for you to pick and match for me. :)

Take a look at the clothing that i'm packing to the trip, so that will be easier for you to pick and match for me. :) (click for larger image)

Step 2 a: Black military jacket or white hoody?

Step 2 b: Brown vintage bag or Pantone9342 (purple) bag?

Step 2 c: Adidas PVC sneakers or Topshop bow flats?

Step 3: Please place your answer and email address in this post's comment box BEFORE Wednesday, 17 March 2010, 9pm, as I'm leaving to Taiwan on the Thursday, 18 March 2010, 9.55am. So there will be a last minute packing for me!

The goody bag will be given in a random lucky draw way to participant who did all the step right. The lucky winner will be announced on 29 March 2010.

Stay tune for more updates of my trip, and some peek a boo on the goody bag,
I will be blogging during my trip. :)

Good Luck!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Blue - Inspiration from Decor8

Hi all, It's Monday again, have not posting Monday Blue for so long... and here come some BLUE inspiration from Holly, a writer, interior consultant and the author of my favorite Decor8blog. Decor8, a place for me to get inspiration and a little space for me to imagine how would i decorate my home if I have one.

Wall paper & interior - Studio Nommo

Beautiful inspiration -

I like the bath tub - Trisha Brink Design

Blue Wishbone Chairs- Carl Hansen & Son

Inspiring interior shoot from photographer Anitta Behrendt.