Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Monday Blue - My dream cottage

Blue is Monday. (I wish I don't feel this every Monday)
is sad.

is cool.

is the sky.

Blue is the ocean.
is jazz.

is Levis. (But I can't fit in any Levis jeans)

ue is loyalty and trust.
is boy. (My bebe)

is Subaru. (My Bebe said this 'desmond says: (12:34:55 AM) subaru is
vivid blue my bebe')
is a no no for food. (Except the blue eggs we made for Nicky's birthday)

is the eye shadow colo
ur that I don't have yet.
is the colour theme for my little dream cottage.

Here is a tour of how my little dream cottage will look like. :p Have been gathering all these lovely examples of cottage in my inspiration folder, but i have lost the link for some of the pictures here, please let me know if you know the owner or the link of the pictures, I will edit the post to add in the credits. Sorry about that.

I like the big glass window which i can lie on the bench to read books and watch the rain and sun.

The blue bath tub is so lovely!

I will have my breakfast here every morning :p

It's so relaxing!
image via: http://a-mad-tea-party-with-alis.blogspot.com/

I'll have my quick lunch here.

Good morning bebe.
Image via: http://www.sfgirlbybay.com/category/unexpectedguests/
(an interview of sfgirlbybay with cottoblue, check out for
sfgirlbybay blog and cottoblue shop for more inspiring idea)

Every morning, I'll be wake by the kisses of the sea breeze.

Alright Suyen, wake up! Go to work! Stop dreaming! You can hardly get these cute cottage here in Malaysia!

Will share more Monday Blue in future :p

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm still a kid, I'm sure you too.

I went to an art shop to do some shopping in this afternoon. I found this set of Colleen colour pencil that I love it so much when i was young. Without thinking much about it, i bought the set of colour pencil, even i don't use it now. It just bring back a lots of sweet childhood memories.

My favorite Colleen colour pencil.

Children book made with fabric. From Ikea.


Balloons, do kids love balloons? I don't know about other kids, but i do, but not when it burst :p

My pet!

Baby in our family. My cute lil' lovely cousin, Leon, migrated to Perth. This is a pic taken on July when i visited him. I miss him so much. He cheer me up every time i see him and remind me of my childhood time. He brings lot's of laughters in our family. Love you.

Haha, we were influenced by Leon, too excited over the oranges was still growing during winter time. :p

Swatch Potraits

I came across to this blog, Purl Bee, a blog which full of beautiful materials and tools for knitting, sewing, quilting, and other crafts, as well as inspiring tutorials and links. I found an inspiring idea on decorating my dining wall. It's just quick and easy by using scarp fabric, felt and hoops.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Paper Art

I was back to my hometown, Kuantan, during the long weekend break.It was a fun and lovely trip, as the main purpose i went back was to celebrate my dad's birthday. It reminds me of i used to do a lot of hand made birthday card to my parents when i was young. From drawing a greeting card with colour pencil, until i grew older, i did 3D card, pop up card and I was so obsessed with doing paper craft/ paper sculpture when i was in college time.

Here is a giant greeting paper sculpture done by me and my sis, Susien (also with some help and guidance by Yenhuei) during 1999 as a gift for my granny's 50th years of wedding anniversary. The theme of the paper sculpture was ' Peony', as peony is a symbol for nobility, value and beauty. Particularly, a full bloom peony represent prosperity and peace, which will bring good serendipity and success to people.

This is the biggest 'greeting card' i done. About 1.5' X 5'.

Here are some pictures of works done by the guru of paper sculpture, Peter Callesen, from Denmark. His works is awesome and very imaginative. Enjoy some of the works that done by him. I love all his works.

Når alt kommer til alt, 2006

Snowballs (detail), 2005

White Diary, 2008

Walking on snow, 2003

The Short Distance Between Time and Shadow (Detail), 2006

Impenetrable Castle, 2005

Butterflies Trying to Escape Their Shadow, 2005

Big Paper Castle, 2004

Alive, but Dead, 2006

All images from http://www.petercallesen.com/

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Arty Crafty

My precious arty crafty materials.

Cute fabrics. Blue colour theme fabrics. Felts. Ribbons & accessories.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Raya card

Did some quick and easy Raya card today. A customers ordered 15 orchids to be sent to friends and business partners as Raya gift, so needed some cards to send along with the orchids. Ailynn was asking if i'm free to do some cards instead of buy ready printed card, sure i'll do the cards.

Draw a Raya symbolic pattern in Illustrator and printed on white canson paper. Punch hold and tie with green ribbon to hang on the orchids.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

To write or not to write a blog?

I'm not a person who good in writing (I hate writing essay during school time :p) , but i'm a person who loves all the nice and pretty things. I love good food, nice photos, nice perfume bottle, nice posters, nice decor, nice clothing, nice accessories....every and any thing that is nice, pretty, beautiful and delicious. Therefor, i think my blog going to be a picture heavy blog to record things i like, a bookmark of website and blogs that inspire me and visual documentation of my life. Oh ya... and a way to polish up my English writing skill.

The only 3 diary/journal that i use in my life of time.

2009 diary. I love the illustration and contrast of the color. 2008 xmas gift from Susien.

2004 journal. Bought it from David Jones, Perth city. Love the simplicity of the cover.

2003 diary. Bought it from Isetan KLCC. I love the retro design of the cover.