Thursday, December 31, 2009


We had a lovely Girls-only-dinner at home last few weekends ago... all food were cook by Susien, and i made the dessert, Strawberry Cheesecake Parfait. Deem light was on and flower arranging as the deco for the night's dinner. Warm and sweet. Though they are all Susien's friends, but i enjoyed talking and laughing with them... the sounds of laughter was all night long..... thanks girls for coming.

*ps:/ me and Susien think maybe we can do catering or party planner for small gathering, what do you think of the food and decor presentation? we really did enjoy the process from deciding the menu, groceries, decor, preparing, cooking and presenting the food.

Some pictures of the night.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sewing lesson 1 - Sweet blue pouch

My new sewing machine had been sitting at home for a week! Finally, i manage to push myself to try on her, and 1 word i can describe her : M A G I C ! She does magic! My little sweet blue pouch is looking so adorable! ....and... this is my 1st time sewing with a machine! You must be wondering, aren't you girl learn sewing during school time? oh, i'm sorry.... i been to sewing classes, but i didn't practice it, all my sewing home work were done by my grandma and friend... haha... Therefore, i was having hard time yesterday night in figuring how this machine work, lucky Susien was here to accompany me on fuguring it.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Mer Mer Mer...

Have been reading Mer's blog since she started last year... and this is the 1st time I blog about mer mer :) She's a such a talented and hardworking girl, manage to do well as a game concept artist in day time, design and sewing for her passion during night time, and now she can manage Poco very well too... I wish i can learn 50% of her attitude of tough and hardworking :)

Well, Mer work well with all types of cloth, charms, buttons, zip(but i know she doesn't like zip :p), lace and and her beloved sewing machine to make all the unique bags, pouch, clutch, passport holder, book covers....etc...and now, she's trying a new thing....necklace! mer mer...i'm eyeing on it! :p

All of you are wellcome to shop at mer and check out the YEAR END GIVEAWAY! There are total 6 items to be given away! All you need to do is just visit mer, follow the blog and post about the give away at your blog!

Laptop sleve

Camera pouch

make up/ stationary pouch

passport holder
(I'm eyeing on this ler... hehe... to match my iphone holder which i bought from mer mer during the last arts for grab :p)

cellphone holder

small handbag

All photos by mer?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Kirei Wreath

We, Suyen and Susien are proudly present you our latest handmade creations for this coming season: x'mas wreath. They are all exclusively selling at POCO Homemade and many thanks to Mer for the help and courage. You are so lovely. :) If you would like to see the actual wreath, you may pay a visit to POCO Homemade, to enjoy a little warm meal and the Kieri x'mas wreath. If you would like to purchase the wreath online or post, please drop me an email at Hope you like wreath. :)

Lonely Rudolph -rm85-

Ding-A-Ling -rm78-

Lullaby - rm58-

Violet Romance -rm58-

Special Thanks to Mer.

Mer mer was busy helping me to sew my xmas socks. Thank you....

Introducing Kirei

We, Suyen and Susien l o v e arts and crafts. After many many months of plannings and sleepless nights, we decided to teamed up together to produce Kirei. Yes, we are selling our creations for the first time too! All items are handmade with beautiful heart and soul, love, time and passions.

Our first project is wreaths for x'mas. Looking for something to lighten up little corner of the house or decorate the front door for x'mas season? Stay tune then...

spread the L O V E

Want to know more about Susien, click here.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday, restday

It's 12.32pm, i'm waiting for my piggy to wake up... He's still sleeping so sweet, let him take more rest, he has been lack of sleep for the past week too... Thinking of what to do today, do xmas socks for swap? do some xmas projects? go to Midv maxis to fix my iphone? do some groceries? tidy up my working room? or do some baking? oh yeah... i bought 2 cute items from IKEA last week...

It's 2 in 1 spring form tin, which 1 of the base is with heart shaped embossing...the heart will melt in your mouth :p

Baby blue pastry sweet...

Will post up if i get to bake some cake or cookies with these lovely items...