Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Messy Desktop

Messy desktop, but so cute while launching the Polaroid software.

Earth Day

I know i'm a lil' bit late on posting about Earth Day, but these bags are really nice to share with you. We used to print all our advertising posters, hoarding, bantings, banners with this vinyl material, and what do we do when we don't need these advertising material anymore?? With this tagline: 'Achieve ‘sustainable style’ this Earth Day!' , my boss has this idea of using all these recycled vinyl to make shopping bag and sell at RM10, all proceeds from these recycled vinyle bags go towards Bangsar Village Kids' for Kids' Charity. Isn't it sounds good? Recycling and charity at the same time. I'm loving these 3 bags so much, they are waterproof, durable and one of a kind!

These visuals are actually from Thomas Sabo hoarding while the shop was doing renovation

Do you like this polariod effect? If yes, you may down load the software from
HERE and it's FREE!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Birthday bebe :)

13 April, was bebe's birthday! Happy Birthday! I think I was happier and more excited then him, though it is his birthday! haha... I didn't buy him present, but we went for a yummy dinner! Dinner was at Sage, The Gardens, a fusion French Japanese restaurant. I've been wanted to try out this restaurant for long long time, and finally I have an excuse to visit. Feeling a bit guilty that I didn't buy him present, any suggestion for a post-birthday present? :p

Bread with Sashimi Scallop and Pesto

Seared Foie Gras with Dark Grapes and Red Wine Reduction (my favorite!)

Chef's Special Of The Day, Mackeral

Half York with Caviar.(1st time having egg in such luxury way...)

Sea Scallop with Mesclun Salad and Provençal Vinaigrette

Me and my Braised Wagyu with Yuzu Sauce

Bake Black Cod with Scallop

Chocolate fondant with earl grey ice cream

Hazelnut Nougat Soufflé with Valrhona Chocolate Ice Cream

Latte time pair with a small chocolate macaroon!

iPhone time again...

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Wego Motel in Taiwan

Does 'Motel' sounds doggy? haha... but I love this motel in 'Xin Ju' town, Taipei (新竹). There are total 19 different theme of room for you to choose from. I think it's more appropriate to discribe it as a 'Boutique Motel'. The room that we were staying was 'Aegean Sea Room'. A room with smooth , soft and romantic ambiance.

Big and comfy bed!

Coffee maker, ice bucket with drinks.

Bath tub!

Man and women toiletries set.

These candy colour toiletries are so sweet!

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Lavender Cottage in Taiwan

See... again...

A nice place to hang-out, coffee and photo session. I didn't see as much lavender as I imagine before i visited. I still prefer the Lavender Farm in Perth and Adelaide, as this 1 is too commercialize :)

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

New life

Decision is made, process of the decision making was though, but when it's time to say good bye, there will be a hello awaiting you. A new header to celebrate, I hope my Pandora's Box is giving me new excitement and surprise for my new life! I like the header so much and hope you like it too. :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Hot spring in Taiwan

Hot spring inside the room and also outdoor. Both are nice!

Very healthy fish dinner set (寻龙鱼套餐).

Supper! 'Guan dong zhu' (关东煮)

Packaging for sugar sachet... so cute! They made my day :)


Busy searching for WiFi again...