Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In the mood for LOVE

I think most people know Delicious Cafe in Kuala Lumpur. Most food blogger had blogged bout their yummy food, but i would like to share some nice VM/decor of this newly opened shop, 'Delicious Ingredients' in Bangsar Village II. Yeah, Delicious Group is expanded, not only cooked food they sell in the cafe, but also cooking ingredients and kitchen appliances are sell in Delicious Ingredients.

February, a LOVE + Chinese New Year month, the shop is dressed up with pink and orange lantern which make the shop so sweet. The walls are all painted with chalkboard paint, therefore, they can always beautify the wall by just drawing on it base on the theme they have on each season. I love this idea so much and this season's concept, 'In The Mood for LOVE'. Is the beauty of cross culture that I like from these drawings.

Can you feel the mood?

Chinese Tea section

The chinese wards says: Pineapple tart, see, you need these appliances to help you to make yummy pineapple tarts

Remember I mention about the pink and orange lantern? Even my boy look so cute and sweet in the shop :)

Blossom Decor

Yeah, I admit, I'm a flower person. :p
I like using fabric to make flower, for home decor or come with a present wrapping.

Flower pot decor with this red flower to enhance the mood of Chinese New Year at home.

Present wrape with a piece of cloth, tied up the extra length of the cloth to make a flower.
But looking at it again, does it look like bento box? hehe

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Imperfect perfection

Shoot these flower during Valentine's Day. Though I didn't receive any flower on that day or any other day from my boy, but i still feel happy that he came over to my home town and visited me, and i shoot this rose and frangipani at my mum's garden! They are not well-shoot to show the beauty of flowers, but somehow, i like the beauty of imperfection of these few pictures.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Female photographers are so COOL

Do you agree with me? Female photographers are so cool! Look at the photo above, can you imagine how cool it is that a group of girlfriend going out for a photo taking session? especially for your best friend's wedding, ahh.... so sweet :) There are actually a lot of female photographer out there, but is just toooooooo little in Malaysia here. Jenny Sun is a photographer base in Sydney and Kuala Lumpur, and she takes beautiful photos. You may consider her, if your are planning to take a pre-wedding photoshooting. :) Some pretty pictures from Jenny Sun, and check her out here.

All photos by Jenny Sun

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Girls, not to be a fashion disasters!

I came across to this website, , when i was google-ing for some spring fashion inspiration. This is an interesting website. I always like to wear legging, but i do think that i know the rules, i wear it only when my top is long enough to cover my butt, or i wear it with skirt, this is due to my working environment is not convenient for me to just wearing the skirt itself, i need something to cover my leg. Have you seen any girls out there wearing just a pair of legging or tights instead of pants when the top length is not covering the butt? This is disasters! The founder of tightsarenotpants, have this website with some free designed press kit to download, for us to share to words.

All typography poster from

Some good example of bad example. :p

Friday, February 5, 2010


My last vacation was July 2009 in Perth, I'm now getting ready for my next vacation, Taiwan! I been to Taiwan 3 years ago, and I'm missing Taiwan EVERYDAY! I'm so excited for this vacation! I'm doing research everyday via the internet and book. My heart and soul is already in Taiwan now. :) I can't wait, can't wait... Have a peep on what I'm planning for the vacation...

My Bible...




Thursday, February 4, 2010


Guess what am I working on?... :p

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Testing on my new app, BlogPress

Testing on my new app, BlogPress. I'm loving my iPhone so much! So from now on, I can always blogging whenever I want and wherever I go.

My daily skincare. I'm a greedy yet unloyal customer, I always like to change and try new brand! Some brand I'm currently using now are: Kanebo, Ettusais, Laneige and Jurlique. What about you?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The lovey dovey is getting together

The lovey dovey, Caca and Terence is getting together! They are engaged now! I'm so happy for them! :) Besides that, I'm so happy for myself too, I helped Terence to wrap the lovely propose ring, it's a surprise present for Caca. A new thing that Kirei Handmade tried, Kirei Handmade is getting into 'Wedding Design'!

The next step for Kirei is, 'Wedding Design', which included, ring pillow, bridesmaid wristband/ corsage, hair accessories and etc. I would be more than happy to brainstorm with all lovey dovey on the theme, colour and your favorites. :) All prices will be various from design and material.

A little corsage to be place on top on the 'present'.

The 'present' is wrapped with pink netting, and the flowers are pink too, to create a romance and sweet impression for Caca.

Happily open the present.

Look at the ring! Big diamond huh? :p

A little intro for the lovey dovey, a very creative and talented couple. Caca make beautiful accessories, more of her work here, and Terence take beautiful pictures, click here to check-out his photography.