Saturday, September 25, 2010

Caramelize onion & feta muffin

Have not been baking for some time, and my baking mood is back now!! My 1st time having savory muffin (Caramelize onion & feta muffin) was during my last trip in Adelaide, and it was so yummyyyyy.... This is my version of Caramelize onion & feta muffin, infused with rosemary, taste good and smells nice... Are you drooling? :p

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy Saturday!

I've been missed out Saturday morning for the past 2 years, this is due to working in a retail line, you don't have your own sweet time, fun festive, family time or public holiday.

Now... I'm happy with my new job, I worked hard on the weekdays, and get to enjoy my weekend as well. I love Saturday morning, I love to have breakfast at home with the one I love. Making sandwich and coffee on Saturday morning is the thing I most looking forward and motivate me everyday.

Sesame bread, pineapple ham,egg, cucumber and tomato sandwich, end with a cup on Illy latte! Yummy!

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Good Morning!

Picture taken in a sunny morning at Middleton, South Australia. 13 July 2010.

Good morning! My 1st day of work at new office!
I miss working from home, my home office!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kirei Blossom Brooches

A set of 6 blossom brooches! Each of it is sweet and unique and enhance with beads, pearl and vintage buttons! I ♥ vintage buttons! All brooches are suitable as assecories for your formal outfit, cocktail dress, bridesmaid corsage or even bridesmaid wrist band! Each design is RM28.

If you would like to order a set of customize wedding accesories (corsage/wrist band) for your group of lovely bridesmaid, there will be a special package of buy 5 free 1 for the bride to be! Email me your detail and wedding theme colour, I will deisgn a sweet and memorable set of wedding accessories for your wedding!

Bella Purple Brooch - RM 28 -
Strawberry Cheesecake Brooch - RM 28 -

Summer Pie Brooch - RM 28 -
Mixed Berries Brooch - RM 28 -

Sweet Heart Brooch - RM 28 -
Fushianista Brooch - RM 28 -

Cloud 9 baby wreath

This baby wreath is just as cute as a lil' baby.
I like the name, Cloud 9, it feels so light and freedom, pure and soft.

Size comparison of 6 inches wreath and baby wreath.

Cloud 9 baby wreath - RM38-
Diameter - 3inches -

Kirei Handmade is featured in Poco Homemade

Many many thanks to Poco Homemade for featuring Kirei Handmade. There will be a corner provided, to display Kirei hoops, wreaths, dream catcher and some brooches. I ♥ the liltle Kirei corner at Poco, it's so sweet and cozy , Poco was so romantic with the wreaths and hoops hang up on the wall! Pay a visit to Poco, you will love the place! :)

A post by Poco on featuring Kirei, here.

Everything is in the box ready to be displyed!

Getting ready...

Brooch sign on vancas! Cute ya?

Kirei Handmade signage.

Brooches are pin up on canvas cloth and hang up with cloth wraped hanger.

Little corner for Kirei.

So sweet... ♥

Victorian Maiden Wreath

She is elegant.
She is sophisticated.
She is classic.
She is stylish.
She is adventurouis.
She is inspired.
She is admirable.
She is gorgeos.
She is delicate
She is beautiful.
She is attractive.
She is a missy.
She is a Victorian Maiden.


Victoria Maiden Hoop - RM63-
Diameter - 7 inches -

Lemon Lime Wreath

Lemon Lime wreath, suitable to hang on your kitchen wall/ door, dining area or cafe!
Don't you feel drolling seeing this wreath?

Lemon Lime wreath - RM58-
Diameter - 6 inches -

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dream Catcher

These lovely dream catchers are chic and sophisticated way to keep nightmares away! Hang these sweet little dream catcher in your room, window, above your bed or anywhere you like to dispelled the dreams and catch the sweet dreams!

Honey Bee Dream Catcher - RM18 -


Charming Star Dream Catcher - Sold -


Cotton Candy Dream Catcher - RM18 -


Sweet Dreams! :)

Baby Shower Hoop

I have this issue every time I attend my friend's baby shower, " What should I buy for the baby shower party? " I always wanted to give something unique for the baby and all beloved mum, traditional, the gift list would be: baby product hamper (which the mummy had bought those product from their choice of brands), post natal medication (which smells weird and the mum had enough of those during the confinement period), baby wear (which the baby already have so many and baby grown up too fast and might not even get a chance to wear it)… … … Why all stereotype gift? Why not a sweet and memorable gift which act like a display piece at home? Shhh… a liltle secret ya, you can always clip along your little message or pictures of precious moment on the hoop!

Pink Rosy Girl Hoop

This hoop is made by my love to all the new born baby girl and all the beloved greatest mum! Imported good quality linen pink rosey fabric securely hoop by the wooden hoop. Congratulations to the mum to be, 'IT'S A GIRL' in wooden lettering. Some matching ribbons and buttons to enhance the sweetness of this hoop! A little flower clip is attached to add a little more function to this hoop. It's just another great choice for a baby girl shower gift!

Pink Rosy Girl Hoop - RM43-
Diameter - 7 inches -


Baby Blue Dotty Boy Hoop

This hoop is made by my love to all the new born baby boy and all the beloved greatest mum! Imported good quality linen blue dotty fabric securely hoop by the wooden hoop. Congratulations to the mum to be, 'IT'S A BOY' in wooden lettering. Some matching yoyo and buttons to enhance the cuteness of this hoop! A little moo moo clip is attached to add a little more function to this hoop. It's just another great choice for a baby boy shower gift!

Baby Blue Dotty Boy Hoop - RM 43 -
Diameter - 7 inches -

Lil' Princess Wreath

When I was a lil' girl (even I'm a grown up now), I'm always pampered by my parents like a lil' princess and I love my mum to dress me up like a lil' princess, pink dress with tutu, pink hair pins, pink hair band, pink ballerina shoes... and the pink item list goes on... :) oh yea, and I always wish that I have lots of barbie dolls with pink dress and shoes! :p One more thing, I always dream that I have a pastel pink princess room like this:

image from

If I have a baby girl in future, I'll make her a pink princess room like i wished to when i was a kid. How about you? Do you or your lil' princess own a princess room? What a bout having this lil' princess wreath for your home or your princess's room? :) I'm loving this wreath so much, it reminds me of my happy childhood, look at the candy pink blossom, isn't it so sweet and cute?

lil' princess wreath - RM58-
Diameter - 6 inches -

Friday, June 18, 2010

Flower + Accessories = Girl's best friend (3)

Monochrome Brooch

Red Valentine Brooch

Vintage Black & White

Welcome Sunshine Brooch